** This is a palindromic poem, you read it forwards and then backwards.. for example " You could never make it through this, and forget those who say" is read like " and forget those who say, you could never make it through this" the second time. ( the second time you read from bottom to top) **

You could never make it through this

and forget those who say

You're beautiful the way you are

trust this

Razors will make you happy

the biggest lie you will hear is

Happiness comes to all

I do firmly believe

Pills are the key to relieve it all

I hate when they say

Things will get better

How could you not think that

not eating makes you perfect

The stupidest saying is

You're strong enough to make it

I love it when they say

Blood shed wipes the slate clean

Don't entrust that

Life wil get better

This is what you believe unil you reverse it






This is great. I really like it.

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