Rattle Snake Trapping Trump


epitomized via bulging primary artery and vein
calling upon the fast as greased lightening Usain
Bolt - to harness angry and out of control freight train
wrecklessly manned by a cockamiemie simian
noah thang boot disaster looms, where don key braying rein
abysmal headlines recapping faux pas doomsday quotidian 
inching closer via caravansary tipping point
   witch barrels and barges plain
as da Steve vid whore banning
and pressing his charges with orders nein
meanwhile, distance closing
between former Antebellum, where civil war lain
though the south long since recovered
ominous kettledrums foment pounded by Jane
whereby, the ghost of tar zen jeff day
exhorts hiz rebellious sessions uproarious housetrain
of former Confederacy
wharf whore mill hen ya nattering nabobs of nativity
harbingers prophecy ominous outlook, they foreordain
from plenti of phish bones that presage
a yank keyed plugged global drain
will be induced by whar ton ship of state
whose role as haut tee commander in chief
owns a piece sighs noggin no bigger than a birdbrain.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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