The Rat Race


It's a rollercoaster, it's a rat race.

To where? you say.

Our lives entangled in the rapid pace,

sempiternally caught in the fray.


Watch the haughty businessman,

his countenance slick with the taint of time.

Rush, push, work, hurt,

caught in the web of grime dictated by the dime.


Observe the struggling single parent,

her weathered face worn with trial and age.

Frantic endeavors, wrought far from transparent,

like a boundless dove fluttering vainly about her cage.


Note the jaded adolescent,

awkward rebel scraping at peer-influenced constraints.

Go ahead and grow up girl, hoard the face paint,

Remember to live, but consider your life.


It's a rat race.

But to where? you say.

Rushing to that dark, cushioned case?

Loved ones gathering round' your coffin in a bleak array; it may even come today.


So at once, take the time,

to hold the prime.

Keep it at bay, 

and live for today.


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