The Rare Prince

Once upon a time, there was a dragon

Who spent his time alone

Inside a castle that once held laughter

Now gone, all left was cold stone.

He was never this way

For his true appearance 

Could only be broken by love. 

Each time a king would come by

And present the beast with his daughter

"Guard them for a knight awaits

and pretend to slaughter"

He obeyed each kings' command

and the princess and knight would get their happy ending.

The dragon cried and yelled at the sky,

"Please give me love or let me die!"

The sky never replied.

The next morning, before the dragon awoke,  

A princess arrived, fraught and cold.

She saw the dragon on the ground

In peaceful slumber

She held no fear 

Only wonder.

"Dragon, please do not fear for I mean no harm.

I only seek warmth, please I beg from the kindest

of my heart"

The dragon was astonish and felt true love

He look at the stars and thank them silently. 

For the dragon knew that the princess that held no fear,

Was his true love.




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