Rapunzel; the abolitionist

Why lock your heart in a cage and give someone else the key?
You didn't spend all those years in isolation
Just to lock yourself up once you're finally free

What right does she have to tell you when to feel together?
What right does she have to hold your freedom in her grasps?
Does she kiss your cheek and make you forget your weaknesses?
Does her smile tell you that you are worthy
And only then, do you believe?

When he holds your hand, is that the only time when you feel safe?
When he caresses your fears away, only then do you feel healed?
Will he hold you in his arms and make you forget your past?
Will it be worth it when he makes you forget all your trauma
And the past repeats?

The four walls of your mind reflect my tower
I waited for someone to come and save me
That was my first mistake
Healing has to come from inside out, not from outside in
Save yourself before you rely on a possible savior
No one else can mend your wounds
Don't rely on forgetting, try learning more about healing

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Our world


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