A Rainy Day

Rain can make a the day gloom.  
Rain can make the day shine blue. 

I sit back, relax, and enjoy the soothing sounds of rain droplets hitting my window's side. 
Eventually it all sound's as one. 

Becoming numb to the outside world I slowly fall deep , deep into this unknown world.

Drifting into this phenomenal world, I can hear mighty winds whisper dream upon bountiful dream. 
I see trees that laugh and smile with glee ,
I wonder maybe this could possibly be a dream?

I hear warm whispers ; sounding so close yet feeling so far. 
The whispering voices say "don't waste time run child of mines!" 

Looking off into the distant land I see a beautiful kingdom. 

A kingdom one whispering voice told me is mines.  

As I begin to run I feel like a kite.

One that can glide ever so high through beach shore sides.

I seemed to be suddenly struck by what felt like a frosty wave, instantly becoming frozen and pale ... One could say I became drained , drained of life. 

Frozen in time, frozen in space, frozen in place. I fall.. 

I Realized my journey required a sudden pause.

As the world around me filled with a cold chilly gloom. 

Sudden Whispers appeared with tender loving care telling words I could not bare with my simple human ears. 

The great whispers lifted me in the air simultaneously evoking the brightest blue glare, forcing me to squint my eyes.

I awake to a bright roaring crackle in the dark rainy night's sky. Pondering about the whispering voices who gave me a beautiful shine.
             -Marquise Jay Molina   9/15/2013


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