Rainbow Colored Civil Rights

Sat, 09/28/2013 - 19:10 -- Trauski


  It seems we've come so far with the hands of time

An arm's length from World Wart 2 to civil rights

We are standing taller for equality

But not reaching our potential height

  Oppression has turned society into a portrait

We are colors that have begun to blend

While there is not much pigment distinction

Some of us still have to pretend

  And for some, it's hard to play the role of chameleon

I know, because I have this friend

And he hurts inside because he's just not right

No  matter how hard he tries to unbend

  By definition he's "crooked"

In a society that demands straight

And if you don't meet this expectation

Then somehow your situation breeds hate

  The hate gets thrown in his face

Because into the picture, he cannot be mixed

He's an array of color

A rainbow that shouldn't be "fixed"

 I tell him to keep his head up

And join the historical fight

There are thirteen states down

And thirty-seven that still need gay rights


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