The Rainbow After The Storm

The first day of kindergarden,

already being shunned like an outcast.

Being pushed around everyday waiting for a real friend.

When you think you've found one, they turn the other way while others burn you.

Then you begin to close yourself off to the world that never accepted you.

Terrified about the first day of highschool and what they'll say this year.

Discovering it's even worse and you're left alone.

Then that little girl who you see every morning,

Who you always fight with,

Who you'll always have to look after, your little sister,

Comes to comfort you,

She doesn't understand just yet but she can see how much you hurt.

You then realize that she watches over you as much as you watch over for her.

She's there for you to lean on just like you would be for her.

And thats the happiest moment because you realize you'll never be alone again.



What were your rainbows?

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