When my hair was long and blond I messed with it and frowned at compliments  A formal bell rang  Arms crossed I sighedMy shoulders faced away from everyone You looked so familiarAnd when you sat next to meMy arms openedWe both laughed When I'd cut it all offSmirking we sat on the grassAnd ran away as they yelled, my skip, your swagger ...We stayed up all night and slept all dayWhen my face was the plagued Nile riverYou threw mineral water at meAnd washed away the darkness We walked through the halls of my old schoolLeft a letter on the desk of the man who had changed both our livesI watched the painted planets blurAll their artists were goneBut the note said from my best friend   When my hair was crazy wavyIn the humid summerWe were still awake after snores had flooded inYou whispered in codesMy eyes were wideYou were smiling and wincingI'd never seen anyone so beautiful as youWhen you feel apart   When there we feathers in my hairI picked up a cell phoneOne new voice messageA broken voiceNo answerPleasePleaseMisguided ghosts...I went to a volleyball gameMy eyes followed the clockI hadn't spoken to you in weeks I chased you ignoring calls of mineI almost missed you ..a slow defined walk?But it was too lateAs you explained your desolation I saw that something had changed in your eyes When my hair was streaked with redI ran into chapel lateNew and old friends turned to laughI greeted them all, but...I came upon you like a surpriseYou were buried,  and I was uncoveredI started a sentenceSilence showed you would not provide the endBy the trees, I sat alone and hid  my eyesHead in my soft clean -young-handsThe circle of pebbles around my kept the rest in Now lines show under our eyesWe have so little to say about so muchI sleep with the moon and wake with the sunWatching the trees sway  Sometimes I look for who I was in a songSometimes I look for who you were  in the starsBut I find you in a cup of coffee at 3 am


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