Not another sleepless night its like z's are the only thing I fight in life, except I stop to be thankful I have you by my side, I don't know why but I'm better expressed through rhymes it's like my mind finds and outlet that'll never let me regret the things I said next, if all these run on lines are becoming a pest rather tell me so that I could invest in something more worthwhile but truly the only thing worth my while is your smile and I say this repeatedly because honestly it's true to me and soon you shall see that my pointless nights up impressing you is more meaningful to both of us because that's what I want to protect over any other relations, it's our friendship that keeps us destined for greater circumstances, like I wish I could focus and put this much attention in to my work ethic but that's stupid and baby you're worth it, every cent I spent I'll take it back for us to be arm in arm and silent cause I said before your presence is already a present, the world's best gift so if this doesn't fit into your consciousness I'll guess we'll reschedule it for another time when we could get more intimate, listen to me ramble on and talk non-sense because I have no common sense and all I really wanna sense is your sweet scent, I've never held you close enough to whisper you're the best but I know you know this, "fuck rest and fuck the rest"


Mohamed Tahir

This poem is dedicated to one of my most loving friends.

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