Racism Is Not Love

Mon, 09/11/2017 - 19:28 -- aubreyk

I'm walk-walk-walking past the school I should call my own. 

I was kicked out of the school close to my home. 

Now I walk past head down, tears flowing

because my skin is darker then theirs. 

I see those kids, pale faces glowing in the skin with their golden blonde hair. 

I spend hours of my day watching them.. 

As they watch me back- their blue eyes curious, gazing - some judging, some not.

It's always the parent- who grabs them and tells them to stop staring because its "rude." 

But in reality, they don't want their child near us.

When they look at me I freeze like a deer in the headlights.

But then they move along like we are invisible to them. 

Like we mean nothing to them.

Our skin is what makes us invisible, left out, hidden. 

In our world if you don't have blonde hair and blue eyes you are an outcast. 

Because society doesn't want us.

We have to ride in the back of the bus because they say we don't belong.

They seperate us with things as small as different water fountains. 

One for the "white" and one for the "colored."

I never understood that- "colored."

 I used to think it meant we were the colors of the rainbow. 

At least that's what Ma always told me. She used to say...

"Son you are all the colors of the rainbow- you shine bright in the sky."

She said that's why the white folk are afraid of us. Because we shine to brightly. 

But as I grew older, I realized it was because we were different. 

What did we do wrong?

Aren't we human too...? 

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Our world


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