Racism in America

                      RACISM IN AMERICA 
Racism it's everywhere
We try to avoid it
To hide it 
To fight it 
To kill it
But the truth of the matter is,
We can't
It takes a team effort not one
And when I say one 
I don't mean person
I mean race
Race,Racist,Racism, Discrimination,Hate crime,Civil Rights
It's all naming one problem
Supremacy of one race
I'm talking racism 
There's a lot of racism in the world, but America ?
Tops it's all
I'm talking Booker.T.Washington type of racist
I'm talking Marcus Gravey type of racist
I'm talking Jim Crow Laws type of racist
I'm talking black codes type of racist
I'm talking W.E.B Dubois type of racist 
I'm talking Ida.B Wells Barnett type of racist
Do you need more? Do I need to continue ? 
I think I do 
I'm talking Secret Societies type of racist
I'm talking K K K type of racist 
I'm talking Plessy vs Ferguson type of racist
I'm talking Poll Taxes type of racist
I'm talking Brown vs Education type of racist
I'm talking Literacy Test type of racist 
This is the world we are living in 
It's sad because it's still happening 
And we're doing it to ourselves
We walk around calling each other niggas 
But get upset when the white man does it 
We're racist within our own race 
Walk around saying Team Darkskin vs Team Lightskin
What ? 
If you rep Team Darkskin your Team field slave 
And if you rep Team Lightskin then your team house slave
It's still racism! Racist against your own race 
I'm talking Dr. Martin Luther King type of racist
I'm talking "I had a dream" type racist
I'm talking "A man can't ride your back unless you bend over" of  type racist
I'm talking "peaceful sit ins" and "passive resistance" type of racist 
Yet we fail to understand that if we don't teach the future generation to persevere 
Then we have failed as a race 
The Oppressor will never stop oppressing the oppressed unless the oppressed have a voice  
It's clear to the human eyes
The different size
Of the lies
The lies being told to the youth
Lies are nothing but flawed words and stubborn sounds
By telling a lie you have to tell twenty more to cover up that one lie
So why not tell the truth ?
It's apart of the food chain 
We cannot take ourselves out of the food chain called life
Even in a kettle water screams when it's being boiled 
It's race ist
Not a race is 
A generation don't know what a race is to be race ist 
To kill racism ? That's what the race is
It's inside, hiding between the creases 
When we bleed , we bleed red
Same organs 
Same make 
All human
All knowledge 
To assume is to presume
To presume is to think
To think is to acknowledge 
To acknowledge is to know
To know is to gain wisdom 
One thing that would remain the same
And cannot be taken away
You can take everything 
My pride , my sight, my arm, leg, my clothes, my senses
But you cannot take my knowledge 
Knowledge is what feeds the generation
The generation is what feed the future
Harriet Tubman I wish I knew her
But hey, we make what we want of ourselves 
But there would always be 
Racism in America 


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