Quotations Misquoted

He was important, with his green eyes 
Looked at me like I was a prize.
It's okay, there were better things to do;
It's enough that he traded me for you.
I know I was lucky to be his story’s surprise,
For he always spoke the most beautiful lies.
When he saw me a light would go on inside,
Making him glow for a moment untried.
There is a part of him for myself only
You cannot touch it, no matter how hard you try.
And after he has left you, here I will be, 
Making him laugh, in him my light shining.
I will be here long after he has forgotten your name
I simply said what I could to take away pain; 
Help him shut his eyes ‘gainst the world
To see marvels of joy in his head swirled,
And remember the certain sweetness in life,
So often replaced by his burdensome strife.
Still the sweetness remained, tender but split-
Even after all this, I helped him look for it.
Lost in his errors, he only asked, “why?”
My simple reply was his promise to try.
Yet he would just ponder over what I had done,
"It felt like the right thing to do, and that is reason enough."
My one wish through this entire time
Is not one of his belonging to mine.
Though many a minute has been spent
Debating this very argument. 
I sincerely wish for him to see
That he is the one who can make himself happy.


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