My curtain is the very essence of my soul
The indestructible barricade
from that pitiless place we call society
The canvas on which I can paint on any emotion with the upmos perfection
so immaculate that not even Van Gogh stands a chance against me and my canvas
The partition forever infront of me which is my insuperable Mount Everest
an obstacle that no human will ever have the satisfaction of climbing
The piece of clay so malleable that it can transform
into any and every shape imaginable
The exquisite veil made of the finest silk
which hides my face from the ruthless judgment of my peers
The cloak of invisibility which hides my body
so that I may never truly be seen by anyone
I have hidden behind my curtain for so long that I have lost sight of the real me
I consider my life behind the curtain as
my only life
the only me
the only reason I exist
for I cannot remember a time when it was not there
when I was vulnerable
to everything
and everyone
you can never know the true me
for I cannot even find myself within the folds of my curtain
my quintessence



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