Quinn’s Legend

Let’s set flight on Demacia’s Wings!

Valor flies in and carries your team.

The might of Demacia is shown as he flies.

The light of Demacia glitters in her eyes.


From humble beginnings we both relied on each other.

Oh how could you die my dear brother!

Our dreams crushed, my soul torn apart.

Years pass and I find a bird wounded, just like my heart.


I named him Valor for his courage.

I was whole again, no longer damaged.

We grew a bond, brimming with trust.

Friends to the end, dust to dust.


One day our skills were put to the test.

Valor and I set out on our quest.

An assassin thought to make an escape.

He faced Valor’s talon and me in his wake.


To be a part of Demacia’s elite,

Me, Valor, and Caleb stood at Jarvan’s feet.

It was always our dream from the beginning,

I just wish you were truly here, instead of me pretending.


Let’s set flight on Demacia’s Wings!

Quinn vaults in and carries your team.

She fights for Demacia, crossbow in hand.

Valor, a knight of Demacia swoops in on command.

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