Why do people ask so many questions if they’re already sure of their own belief? My favorite example is when someone asks what the date is. You answer and say it’s Tuesday and they’re like, ” Oh! I thought it was Wednesday!” Why the hell ask me then, just keep thinking it’s Wednesday. We as humans are so unsure about everything. So much so that we question everything we believe in. I’m scared to tell people my honest answer because all they’re going to do is judge what I have to say. Don’t ask me any questions if you don’t want to hear my answer. I mean think about it. Your best friend asks you for relationship advice, but does the complete opposite of what you told her. Now your left wondering what she’s doing and why did she ask you in the first place if she wasn’t going to listen and apply it to the situation. Sure you can argue that it’s her relationship; therefore, it’s her decision, but why waste my time?

            Society is so obsessed with the act of questioning beliefs that they even programmed technology to be that way. You’re on Facebook deleting pictures and the first thing that you see when you press delete is a little box that says, “Are you sure you want to delete this picture?”  If I didn’t want to delete the picture, why would I press DELETE in the first place!? I’m puzzled as to why every question has to be answered with a question!? Again, don’t ask me any questions if you don’ t want to hear my answer. There’s no reason that I should have to explain my beliefs to you. If you ask me what my religion is, I’ll tell you, but don’t follow up that question with, “Why do you believe in that?” Because I’ll just ask you why you asked in the first place if you just wanted me to explain myself.

             It’s also really annoying when teachers and people that don’t care about my life at all pretend to be interested in how and what I feel.  On an essay test they ask you,” What do you think so -in- so meant when they…?” So you answer with your prospective. You get the essay back a week later and you get it wrong. The teachers comments say, ” How did you come to that conclusion?” The first thing I would do is ask the teacher why he or she asked what  I think if they were just going to critique my answer. WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE!  I’m so flipping tired of having to explain myself when I don’t feel it’s relevant for people to understand me at all. After all, how is understanding my beliefs supposed to make you successful in life. Oh that’s right, it doesn’t. 

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