Questions About The Bible

Why did God make only Adam at first when he made other creatures male and female?


Is it not strange that God saw the need for a human female after he made Adam?


Did the Bible actually tell us that God married Adam and Eve?


Does the Hebrew translation of the word bless mean marry?


What did God say he was going to make for Adam, a wife or a helper?


Does the Hebrew translation of the word helper mean wife?


Would you say the scripture at Genesis 2: 24, 25 contradict Genesis 1: 28?


Does the latter part of Genesis 3: 6 contradict Genesis 1: 28?


Since these scriptures give different information, which is the correct one?


Why did God bring the creatures that he made to Adam and let him name them?


Did God create so many living things without names?


Why did God not tell Adam the names of the creatures?


Did the scriptures mention that a sea was located near the Garden of Eden?


Did God allow Adam to leave the perimeter of the Garden of Eden before he sinned?


How did Adam name the creatures that lived deep below the surface of the sea?


Why did Samson tell Delilah the source of his strength when he knew her intention?


Why did the Philistines allow Samson’s hair to grow back?


Did they forget that his long hair was the source of his strength?


How could Joshua command the sun to stand still when the sun did not orbit the earth?


Are these not reasonable questions to ask about the Bible?

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