Questioning Questions

Tue, 02/04/2020 - 08:34 -- HRobb

A question is something that adds or retracts

From information, undeniable facts -

The things that we’re taught

Something to fear if poised against power

But also to revere if framed to encounter

A new train of thought

A question can weave down more curious roads,

Digging new trenches we claim as our own

It’s all that we’ve got

Too much is too little, we always need more

Questions improve upon, broaden, restore

If we know it or not

But then there are questions we dare not ask

The questions that question our purpose, our task

It cannot be taught

These questions revolve around hopeless unknown,

Around things we can’t answer, which chills to the bone

Our greedy thought

But why can’t our questions serve as our remedies?

The universe is full of unknowable extremities

Accept what you’ve got

It’s not really a question of knowing all things

But knowing more than previous beings.

Where questions are, innovation will follow.

The pill of discovery may be hard to swallow,

But questions are not


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