Queen from Under

Can you see her, at the gates of Hell
Pretty white nurse, toting a gag bell
Was she ever yours? Do you even know?
While you slept, she couldn't stay awake alone

She's invincible
So desirable
She's the one you'll never tame
As she screams out anothers name
She's your GI Jane, with a heart of pain
You'll never understand her ways
She'll satisfy your hunger
She's the Queen from Under

Can you feel them? That's her symphony
Always trying to buy what they'll never get for free
And in their arms she lies, while you sit and drink alone
Who were you, to think she was ever yours to own?

Too many nights, with a cold hand
In the other room, lay a warm man
Those feelings she craved, you never bothered to play
And in the night, she cries out his name

And now you see them, and you see her
Your heart stops, from a shattered world
I'll collect your soul

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