The Queen♕

To the woman who loved me long before I was born,
To the woman who held my heart long before it had formed,
To the woman who was left sleepless from dusk until dawn,
With weakness upon weakness for nine months long,
Telling herself it would all be worth this as soon as she rests ashore,
For when she finally made it through to that hospital warn,
It was love at first sight the second she saw .. Me.

She would always favour me, despite the fact that she needed everything more,
She would wake up early every single morn,
To stand up freezing in the cold, hanging the clothes that we had worn,
She would stand at the stove for hours cooking bowls of food that we wished for.

Whenever I was sick she would always know the cure,
I mean that the love she gave to me was the best medicine that was pure,
The prescription of tea, honey and handmade lemonade, what more could I ask for?
See the love you gave to me it's impossible to ignore!

Mom, you're the one whom the world would never be enough for you,
And thank you thank you thank you is nothing next to everything you do,
You definitely are the most one on whom I can depend,
You're not just my mother, you're more than my friend.

Mommy, you held my hands as I walked through the door,
You met my teacher as I stared on the floor,
You told me it'd be fun, you talked about things you know,
You love to hear me say, "Mommy you told me so."

You know mom? Whenever I leave you, I feel alone,
Then I become so cheerful when I reach our home,
Good times, bad times, you're there for it all,
You say "head up, be proud and always stand tall!"

You're a mother who never grows old,
Your smile? Sunshine. Your heart? Pure gold,
I hope I could be as good a mom as you,
To be a good example in everything I do.

I love you mama, sorry if I never told all this before,
I'm sorry for everything mom, I'm sorry for it all,
I'm sorry for leaving you as soon as you taught me how to crawl,
I'm sorry again and again for all the promises I fell short.

Most importantly, I'm sorry for all the pain I caused,
For the nights you didn't sleep and for all those missed calls,
And I promise to never put anyone above you,
Dear mom, I love you, I love you.

All praise to the Lord, you made it all for me and never asked for a reward,
And I have one request before I leave,
Since Allah put paradise beneath your feet,
Please ask Allah to let paradise be the place where we .. Finally meet.

This poem is about: 
My family


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