Putrid Heart

The putrid heart,

it shows,

all the retched places it's been,

only i shall fetch it,

shield it from it's known horrors,

replenish love,

save it,

— How can I hero

when I am kidnapped myself

by evil contemplations,

fountain eyes

that sprout my fears,

puddles my sorrows onto my cold pillow,

symbolic of myself

— How can I hero

when my weakness is shown before me,

and i fall to their feet in despair everytime

weep at it's injustice to my life,

and never get stronger

— How can I hero

when I can't escape my mind,

when I can't sleep at night, 

enjoy a great song,

or when i'm always batting tears out of my lonely eyes

showing the world how weak I am.

— How can I hero...

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