Pursuit of Existence


United States
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What’s the meaning of pursuit of happiness when I can barely exist
When I’m treated like a quarantine disease
When they’re waiting for the next headline to pronounce “New cure for the ‘Adam and Steve’ & the ‘Madam and Eve’”

They say there’s no use of praying for equality
That equality is already given
And that my fate is already chosen to anywhere else besides the promised land

Yet they say to be yourself
All the social networks: facebook, tumblr, twitter, instagram
All of them have people asserting posts saying just be yourself
Advocating to just be yourself, encouraging me to just be myself
Yet they whisper to me that I’m wrong and solely seeking for attention
Seeking for something that won’t be given merely because of my sexual orientation

They say it’s not their fault that I’m not given a job, service at a restaurant, or that I receive condescending glares when I hold another girl’s hand
It’s my fault for choosing an abnormal lifestyle
It’s my fault for not following the guidelines of the norm
It’s my fault for being myself
I asked for what was given

Apparently Harvey Milk asked for his death as well
First openly gay person to be elected in California
He lead and emerged as an icon for San Francisco’s gay community and the other individuals who remained silent
He was put to silence with two bullets through his head
Again, they said he asked for it

But his death roared something beyond imagined
A large community of people spoke out for their rights
Similar to the aftermath of Martin Luther King’s death
More people took a stand for their rights
And people still are
I am

I am pursuing after the hugs I used to receive on my birthdays
I am pursuing after the days where my parents looked at me with love
I am pursuing after the comfort I was surrounded with before
I am pursuing after the equality that we were promised
I am pursuing after my existence...yours existence...our existence

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