Pure Self-Love: I am Flawless


United States
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My mind is a hub for brewing ideas and conjuring thoughts that manifests into actions -

It is my control.

My eyes process thousands of advertisements to "be this, be that, look like this", but I am perfectly content with the skin I'm in.

My lips speak truths of the world and positive hymns that uplift my fellow neighbors and brothers and sisters-

I am a motivator.

My skin...my beautiful caramel skin is my comfort-

My flesh is the ocean and my mind is the strength of the wave.

I am the ocean, flawless beyond what the I can see.

I take pleasure in embracing my weaknesses and strengths in order to become a better me

I am who I think I am - a divine creature who is smart and filled with courage.

I am a lioness.

Prowling through the city streers awaiting to conquer my challenges.

I am flawless - in my thoughts, my movement, my mistakes, my achievements, my struggles.

I am flawless because I am true to me -

I do not allow the systems of oppression to shackle my mind nor subject me to the world's evils.

I am above and beyond. I am superhuman.

I am flawless.

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