How long have I been doing this for, I got PTSD from the many years lost at war
On top of that I buried my skeletons under the bathroom floor

I spend most of my time, in the bathroom shooting up
Something I just can't ignore, I can close this door
What’s this pain from, what do I stand for
I looked for a lady to take the pain away to love me through the rainy days
Only to push them all away, I turn them into horse, I love to hate

Only to find their love turned to hate, I was their worst mistake
I took their heart in the light I made, keeping them close provided the light I need to cover my cape, looking into my face my eyes hypnotize I need you your soul I rape,
Only then do I turn to my true colors, it's too late you see me for who I am

And I'm burning in the flames you saved me from, I guess watching me you couldn't see the gate you passed till it was too late to run
You made my days brighter than the place I been chained away
, until you walked away and know all I feel is the son, burning just like the father said his son would do, since he paid for the many sins I made

I need you to protect myself from my own reflection,
too see a different face in the mirror I don't even recognize myself anymore
This is war, 444
War 4 Love
At the Core

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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