Mon, 11/21/2016 - 10:28 -- aleeka

Just imagine being told you’re half of the person you thought you were
Because your therapist told you who you are
Cause you fit the requirements
you're mental,
you're a psycho,
you're crazy
temperamental that's a maybe
and the list goes on
because with every single check
there's another prescription to stick you on
So you're in the kitchen pop pills like it's an addiction.

You are who they say you are
I'm telling you it's amazing
how they see right through you
Like your personality was paper thin and all our emotions are scripted in
But it's funny cause they can't see in you
and that scares them.
They're scared that one day we'll tell them their PHD in psychology has nothing to do with the human anatomy and that all the studying, test and textbook can't tell them who we are.
We make who we are.
and we make ourselves perfect
We’re perfect right down to the last detail.
Even when the sharp words of the opposition penetrate our rib cavity,
even when their breath pushes harder than gravity
You will not fall.

You stand strong, stronger than any stone structure!
Even when the therapist ruptures and their words rip through the air.
Rip rip like gun bullets
Rip rip through the air
Rip rip each word catches fire
And it brands itself into your skin
Rip rip there another hit
God damn it he's a pro at this
So don't think he'll miss
Rip rip these words are flying through your head
While they pump you full of meds
Rip rip he's not stopping
Rip rip he just doesn't care
With each word sinking deeper and deeper
there's no end in sight
a disgrace
a waste of space
rip rip
you're nothing
You're nothing

He takes a second to see what he has done, admire that he has done his job well and made you feel like nothing.

But he forgot that something is always made from nothing
and that you can take these punches and you're
still breathing and fighting and will never stop.
Your soul is beyond comprehension, more beautiful than the stars that touch the heavens...
Just remember
HE'S A STONE AND YOU'RE THE OCEAN throw him in and watch him sink.

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