Promise Me You'll Never Forget


You are my mother

I never knew

I never seen

I never will

We live apart

You and I

One world

Two sides

Two different lives


I'm still your daughter


Is forgiveness the answer?

Can I believe what you say?

After what you have done

I cannot say

You gave me a life

But not a life

You knew what this meant

Denying the law

Of one for all

Awaiting you

The fate of lies

There was no other option

You had to decide

One or another

You must make your choice-




If that's what you want

You knew what was right-

But I don't understand or should I understand

What were you thinking that day?

Were you thinking?

Was it quick?

Was it slow?

What was the circumstances?


You left me alone!


A helpless child with nowhere to go

As you fled without a trace

Unknown from my world

Alive or deceased it's out of my reach

All I can do is hope

Somewhere out there

You’re alive and well


Please be happy

Please enjoy your life

If you had a new child

Love them well

Give them a life

That you didn't give me

For life is a virtue

That cannot be set free


I don't understand or should I understand

Should I question my existence?

Should I question your decision?

If I looked into your eyes

What would I see?


The truth

Or a lie


Do you think I'll be mad?

Will hate be my answer?

Is forgiveness not there?


You'll always be my mother

I know you were afraid

Listen to me well

I'm not mad

I never will

I am sad

But I want to say I’m sorry

I questioned you

I know that you loved me

I know that you always will

You held me close

My heart is all well


Now if you remember me at all

For my final say

I want you to know

The daughter whom you abandoned

The daughter whom you forgot

That daughter has grown

That daughter is happy

Your daughter has a life

Promise me, you’ll never forget-

Your daughter


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We Dream of Stars

I don't know if you will ever read this but I wanted to tell you that I love this poem that you wrote is so honest and beautiful. Ijust want you to know not to feel alone because there are people, like myself, who share your same story. If you need something to relate to you can read my poem Chld of Mine its about  the same feelings and heartache that Im sure you feel to. 

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