The Product of a Seemingly Insufficiant Mind


As my spirit seems to wander past every thought I had in mind,

I find that those around me are running out of time.

I am falling through the crevices and holes in their stories.

They are wishing they could disappear and I am wishing I would,

just face the music, they are laughing from afar.

Though, I feel like I should keep them around for a while.


As my thoughts seem to sink deeper into this hole inside my chest,

my heart moves out to make some room, drowning in my lungs.

This ache that lives inside me is tightening its grip,

and hurts worse than any knife wound or bullet to the head.

Always left as second best, I would rather not be on their lists at all.

Always dreamed of being someone's life to live but I will have to be my own.


I need to let go of these pillars made of sand that disguise themselves as granite.

I need to say no to those who do not see me,

or think of me,

or wish that I was there every once in a while,

and here I stand alone.

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