Pro Black

Black people we have to do better
Things would be better if we came together
We are more powerful as one than separated
Generational oppression
Generational curses
They been telling us from day 1 we aren't worth it
Pay attention to all the statistics because its important
Why do you think that give us so much help
Because they know we depend on their help
And that we gonna take it
Trust me its nothing wrong with being black and trying to make it out the ghetto
But don't let all that money go to your head though
Because some people forget that they use to struggle
Some know what it's like to depend on the government for help
How black lives matter when we killing each other
So many kids dying before their mothers
Yet we insist on hating each other
Degrading each other
Because the government tries to pin us against
One another
Tampa is like a jungle
It's either run or get eaten
Crazy how a black person can't stand to see another black person be successful.
Because everyone trying to find a way out
Of the ghetto
Because Hollywood seems really far away
Not to many people make it out the hood
Just because something glitters that doesn't make it good.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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