A privilege I own

What is my talent?

I possess the power to speak, to enhance a spoken word that ever so gracefully falls off my tongue.

Writing in a rythmic beat that soothes an anxious heart elates me.

It allows me to escape all trauma in reality, and experience life in a colorful way.

This is a privilege I own.

Poetry is my significant other, the day we said our vows, is the day I fell in never ending love.

It supports and never neglects, its' integrity is honorable.

The pen is a scepter, containing the power of the silent words.

This is a privilege I own.

Expressing my thoughts amongst the people, allowing the unheard to be heard.

Raging thoughts that engross my mind are mindlessly translated on paper.

The feeling of relief engulfs me, and I realize what a blessing has been bestowed on me.

This is a privilege I own.

My love for metrical compositions are genuine and tenacious.

When I was six, it was my only friend, when I was ten,  it was my teacher.

Now that I am sixteen, it's my inamorato, it shall continue until I'm dust, then it will be my saviour.

I will never forget this glorious privilege I own.


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