The Princess and The Lady Frog

The Princess and The Frog with modern dialogue
It was the prince but he is obsolete
The world is at its knees and but we have to get on our feet
There are Princes who wish to be Princesses and vise versa
Some think its a curse but I think its worth a
try, so lets try and tell an old story with new thinking
far from the thoughts of our great grandparents in the 1940's

One normal day a Princess and Lady frog crossed paths
Literally I mean
A stroll by a pond and both found each other very fond
they loved each others presence until one spoke suddenly
the human princess was taken back and almost screamed out her lungs
the princess frog told her of the curse and said what must be done
A kiss from true love would turn a green one to something new
So the both of them went back to the castle knowing what they must do

Like the old tale they tried the kiss, unsuccessful
They forgot the TRUE love part
which was the most important part so in that they sat and thought
The green frog was eventually caught by catchers but soon she was saved
by the big princess who rushed in like a purple haze
There was commotion, loud noises but a gentle hand came in
scooped the frog into her hands and that's were the love begins

Save a life there is gratitude
shape a life and there is love
This is what happened between the two
And there the curse was
They kissed and both were young beautiful women
Free to live in this world while it kept on spinning.

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Our world
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