Previous life you gave me

I dont know what im going to do if my soul already doesnt cry,if silence doesnt endures if sanity that was left pretended with large strategy, the quantity with wich I loved you, im not the same person anymore,each other that I shed it made me be everytime more obscure that strenght,and the clock confessed that I loved someone very much,announced the arrival of a new love. If doesnt exists the ink anymore its over, just painted black in my mind what I offered you with much feeling. I know that every feeling is different thats why that mine let you go at least once, I admired the way of your thought,perhaps it might be when you pretended to love me,but your life is exinguished, the light of the world is full of thruth fierce as a soul I realized right to love, but from a long day the storm was finished I didnt find words to peace of your days with me.


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