Pretty, Dainty Flower

Has anyone seen a wandering girl?
She is a dancer I used to know.
My baby said she would never leave me,
But she broke every promise that she made.

Will somebody help me to find her?
She is the one who left me pining,
The one with the pretty, dainty flower in her hair.

If you do, remind her of the one who is hurting.
Ask her about the love she left behind. Please tell her that I am anticipating her safe return.
And tell her I love her all the same.

If she knew how much I miss her,
She would come back and make me jolly.
If she knew how long I shall wait,
She would come back and turn my gray sky into blue.

From my heart I truly regret my mistakes.
If I could take back the foolish things I said and done,
I would do it right away.
Never again will I be selfish.
No more will I be vain.

Will she forgive my childish ways?
Will she ever consider starting over?
I wish I knew what she’s doing.
Most of all I wish I knew where she is.

In time she may recall those pretty, dainty flowers,
The ones in the garden.
She will return and pick fresh ones,
And she will not wander off again.

I was wrong and I admit it.
My jealous heart could not see her innocence. She was not unfaithful to me.


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