From the Present to the Past

Dear Past Me,

       I know growing up has been a little difficult for you. You've dealt with so much

at such a young age, and for that I am sorry. I know how it feels to be surrounded by 

so many people like you, but still feel like an outcast. My heart breaks at those days

when you felt as if you didn't belong, like this world was not meant for you. I was there

when you molded that sadness and isolation into a wall of hate and rage, willing to

eradicate anyone who dare set themselves in your way. You were mean and nasty 

with a heart encased in stone.

But I know you. You were lonely. Lost. Wishing for silence in a world that never stops 


Let me tell you now, it still isn't easy. Adulthood is rapidly approaching, and so much is

expected in order for me to survive in this ever-changing world. We are expected

to look a certain way, act a certain way, and just overall conform to the social norms

of society.

But I will not.

Those dreams you created-we created- will become a reality. The world isn't always

dark and cold like you thought it was. There is hope, light, and most of all, happiness.

Our family was always proud of us, even when we felt like failures. They want us to be

happy, and happy we shall be.

The future may look bleak to you, but trust me, it will not be. Our dreams will come

true. That's a promise.


I'll make you proud.


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