From Present To Past


United States
39° 20' 3.4188" N, 76° 31' 53.3352" W

Almost burned in the fire
Didn't feel the burn, but I got the marks
Generations getting higher and higher
We left the atmosphere without any talks
I find the mistakes that I've made
That followed me from then to today
And all the consequences that I've payed
It swallowed me whole, still the same
The way that I listen when they talk
Like I don't want to hear it anymore
It gets tiring when some one complains
To the points where I find myself walking out the door
Hitting my heart with hurtful words
I never thought that old blows would actually hurt
But I still listen up with both my ears
If we had a chance to go back, I think i'd be first

Decades passing me
So fast that the time zone is trapping me
Go back to the future, happily
And find out that's not where you're meant to be
See we spend all our time trying to change the world
But the paste that we're at
Is a little fast
And u cant change the life of every boy and girl
We scared that our kids are going to be worse than this
Just because it's so much negative
No one see's the positive
But if we went back in time
We'll have faith in it
And maybe we can win this race if we stay in it
Stop speaking and start spraying it
Because people don't listen if you're nonchalant
You have to make it true and spit it from your heart
I never regretted at the end but..
I always hesitate before i start

Sixteen, ages will change in one month
Sixteen, an age with no trust
More trust, really, where will that get us
That's all we beg for
Who's going to give us?
It seems like nobody's there to listen
We say we from 96 n everybody's dissing
But back from the future
Everybody's wishing
To be apart of something bigger than generations
Travel Through time
Your place and mine
We share the same place, can that be a sign?
Age left my body n found me again
I hid from my problems n they found me again
On my way back I found me a friend
Like a mirror image of someone with the same wishes
What a surprise in my eyes
I showered in my truth but i drowned in my lies

Back to the present
Where everybody's present
And for the people who didn't make it
From Jah that is a present
Because the world is crazy
And its hard to live in it
And I must be a warrior if i'm still living it
For everybody who still in
Who wish they can have a fill in
Somebody to take their place so they can experience a different feeling
And when i'm finally gone
I'm going to miss it, I must admit it
But i'm too strong for me to actually quit it
So i'm going to stick through
Sorry if I stick you
I have to spit too
Sorry if it gets you
My poetry only stay true
That's how I survive
Through the words that I speak
And the look in my eyes
I live to enjoy
Even if i cant get the past back
But when i think of it...
Sorry, I lost my train of thought.


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