Past-tense in our brains cortex, are we living in the present or just awaiting eagerly for something futuristic to happen, that's the questions my mind goes over during this time of quiet.

Mental riots trying to be righteous if fighting feelings makes men heartless then so be it.
Not following genetic sequence.
Shining for no reason, please
Let evil entities pass through with a breeze.
Needed to let go of my Niche
See i listened in biology
Why thats due to two things
And it and work ethic or me
Beautiful angels protected me
Works misleading i know
Abstract in my thoughts i glow
Ran like my nose on ten toes never fold
Unless its black jack with the bros
There's not enough i know
Not a genius yet
Watching the country go through an enormous split
While venomous i spit
Poison can't be comprehended
End it...

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