The Present


Overwhelming and unremembered

Completely dependent and not yet aware

of all that my new life now required

So much potential 

in a body so small

So much to do

and so many ways to fail

Learning to crawl

and learning to walk


and failing

Will it ever stop?



My shoes do not match

but I picked them myself

My spelling isn’t perfect

but I’m writing by myself

My parents try to warn me

 “Slow down!” 

But I keep running 

and running and running

Because walking is for toddlers

and I’m almost grown up!

There’s so much to do

and so much to see! 

Come, be my friend, 

Explore the world with me!


Middle School

Tragic, that’s all I have to say 

My nose is too big 

And my hair is too thick

Who would like me anyway?

Our first dance is upcoming

But who would ask me?

I’m not the first pick

but at least I’m not last

My circle keeps diminishing

I thought they were my friends

but I guess I was wrong?

Who knew that friendship

was only as valuable

as the brand that you wore


High School

To stand out

or blend in

That ‘tis the question.

Am I cool?

Am I popular?

Who is looking at me now?

Prom themes and Pythagorean theorems

 First kisses and final exams

So many iconic moments

and too quickly gone

But in college there is freedom!

No curfews, no parents

Living the dream

Or so they say, right?




This 8am class was a mistake

But the party last night was fun

I think

From bills and brokenhearts 

What happened to living the dream?

I wanted freedom! A future!

Not ramen and hangovers

Whew! It’s payday

Who is ‘FICA’ 

and why does he get all my money?

At least F.R.I.E.N.D.S. understand

Another Netflix and chill

means one more not so lonely night

Maybe one day

I’ll understand this whole adulting thing

or at least I’ll finally know

what the bristled vacuum attachment

was intended for


So now it is the present

and I am ever so curious

Why am I so infatuated 

with the present tense

It’s always changing

And never consistent

Sometimes it’s good

and other times not

Perhaps because I am the same

I am always changing

Sometimes for good

and other times not

But I must persist

to become the person

that Yesterday was not

Always changing

Ever growing

So just don’t give up

This poem is about: 
My community


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