In the Presence of God

I get into your presence,

yet I am carrying the weight of the world.

I stumble, and I stagger

I stumble, and I stagger because the load has grown.

I have become weak, and it is starting to show. 

I run to my friends to take this load,

but they reject it - because they have their own.

I am growing feeble and weak.

Finally-  I stop carrying this load,

and lay it at my Daddy's feet.

He said, "Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden,

and I will give you rest."

He said, "Cast your cares at my feet because I care."

I dare not delay any more,

so I throw my hands up in surrender and follow you through the door.

You are leading me to a secret place,

where I can gaze upon the beauty of your face.

In your presence, the world seems to stop.

In your presence, I am no longer at the bottom, but on top.

In your presence, my weakness is turned to strength.

In your presence, I jump and leap for joy.

In your presence, I am forgiven.

In your presence, I become new,

but better yet, I get closer to you.

Most importantly,

when I am in the presence of royalty,

the load I was carrying is taken away from me

and thrown into the depths of the sea.

When I am in the presence of the most hgh King,

I cannot even speak nor even sing.

When I am in the presence of the almighty, 

all I can do is weep and think-

who am I that your are mindful of me.

When I am in the presence, of the Alpha and Omega,

I get lost in Him,

yet I find my identity.

When I am in the presence of my Daddy,

I kneel at His feet

and bask in the intimacy. 


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