The hesitation I had to take this medication, wasn't a celebration because my body 

Did not have the proper preparation to take life on as a repsonsibility, a priority that I knew my arms

Wouldn't be able to be carrry on my back

I wasn't sure if my feet would ever be able to touch the floor because the gravity of being me, an

Idea that i just refuse to handle because God, my soul was subliminally dismantled

By those pills laying on the bathroom floor

Now I was sure that I had wiped the white powder from off my hands, but then I thought damn,

I never quite had the chance to wipe off the shame that was covering the beauty on my face

Because by the time I tried to wash the dirt off, the letter on the mirror read the word DISGRACE

Hate wasn't the word, and resentment was just a blur, that tried to change what I really felt,

Which was Hell

A lake of fire that ignited the aching pain of my soul, thrashing and thrwoing up every sensation of

A substance that took what I wanted most which was love

A gift that I had never recieved,but decieved me as I unwrapped the bow off what I thought

Was mine under that Christmas tree of Hope

But then I realized that I could not cope with knowing that this bottle of dope

Was a prescription that I could just not take

Because it created everything I knew to once to be my reality,

Into a dark and twisted fake

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My family
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I truly enjoyed creating this poem, becuase I am extremely passionate in speaking about the dangers of drug abuse.I have had several family members die because of their dangerous addiction to drugs, and I wanted to somehwat dedicate this poem to them

the american dreamer

That is extremely deep ...

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