Precious Charm

"That should never be you, that will never be you, never let that be you."
Repeatedly that voice told him all the time, day by day night by night when "it" pursued him, chasing him around it was more than he could handle.
He was easily trapped; no longer instructed by wisdom & fear easily seduced no longer respect & boundaries signs being the exit to the maze he fell in a dark deep deep shallow hole where a broken glass was found shattered in pieces,.
Cut right through the vein losing what was once a treasure in vain.
Stained from pain & dullness his heart-lock was broken apart.
If only he had listened to that inner voice that constantly repeated itself, "that should never be you... Keep me, don't lose me" a maze where brokenness lead to impurity & deception.
Now he will never be the same after loosing the most precious charm he could of kept. 


Mafi Grey

This is really good, keep doing you. 

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