This Is A Prayer God Gotta Answer- The Generation Is In Bloodshed. Ekse higher power!

Wed, 10/02/2019 - 17:25 -- Marviin

Ekse higher power! We've seen it all.
We get it. Well atleast i hope we do
Eh bafethu, stop it.
We are dead.
War, rape, racism, own-race-killings-discouragement, suicide.
You gave us talent, but it all ended in blood.
Your land deserves aliens not humans.
We have messed it all up.
Our procrastination is making you cry acid rain.
Your children's greed, narcissism is burying their souls.
Lord lead us out, this is a prayer.
Country by country, continent by continent.
Love, peace is in demand.
The human men you told us not to love but respect; we beg them.
The human women you told them to love; they play with our pride.
End all things.
Dinosaurs should've lived longer.

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Our world
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