the prayer


for the mornings when you wish to hit snooze into the next life

for the days when you just can't quite get your lungs to inflate completely

for the moments you quietly drowned in the darkest depths of the ocean of your thoughts

for the afternoons when you opened your veins

for the nights when you lay screaming into your tear soaked pillow

know i will pray for you

and that might seem odd considering that my religious balance has always been off at best

i'm no joan of arc, no mohammed, no buddha

i don't even know if i believe in a god

but know that if i believe in anything, i believe in you

for you, i am endlessly hopeful and my fingers are ceaselessly intertwined, my hands in fists of prayer

that you will one day be enlightened of your worth

because you, my dear, are not a question

you are a statement bellowed off the rooftops of humanity

you are not a stain on a dirty motel mattress

you are a supernova, a rare occurrence that is one hundred percent beautiful and awe-inspired

and, for those moments when you think you destroy everything you lay eyes on,

know that everything you even graze with your fingertips turns to gold

and every word that comes out of your mouth is poetry

and no matter how hard i think, i can't find a single thing about you that isn't wonderful

because you are wonderful.

and for the moments you think you are any less than that

and for the instant you decide we would be better off without you

know that i pray to no yahweh, to no christ or allah

i pray to you,

stay with me for just a millennium longer

because i have never prayed so hard as i prayed

that day you took those pills

because your life is not inconsequential

no matter how hard the world pushes you away

or how badly you scrape your elbows and knees from the fall

you are more than a pinpoint on the world

a pixel on google maps

you are every drop in the sea and you are every explosion of a star in the galaxy

you are art in motion, cultivating inspiration with every dilation of your pupils

you are the ocean and you are the universe

stay in this silence and breathe

taking comfort in the demons that are released in each exhale

and be grateful that each inhale you take will always provide you with the perfect amount of air to keep you moving

in this moment, you are everything you need to be

and, darling, that's more than enough





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