Praise of the Redeemed


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I know of Your mercy.
Sins forgiven
Strength today
Your mercy ne’er ended.

Always remembering,
Yet not as I should.
I walk unashamed -
Oh to see your face

Mighty is the sound of Your voice!
It shakes the earth!
Shaking even the depths of the sea!
Your voice my troubled spirit calms.

Rejoice in Christ all who believe!
Christ our highest treasure!
Christ our highest King!
Christ Crucified, not I.

Everlasting life so free and costly,
You gave your life for me?
One so vile and wretched?
The answer resounds from Golgotha.

Down I face for my disgrace.
Love and kindness lift me up.
Your Kindness gleams in every hour.
Your love has failed me never.

Even when my flesh is weak,
My loving shepherd feeds me.
Guides, directs, and leads me.
Your Words make full my cup.

Ears to listen to Your Words
Eyes to see Your promises fulfilled
Taste and see that the LORD is good!
Incline my heart after Your ways.

My heart seeks to praise Your name
Foes and so-called friends defame It.
Your name is Holy, Righteous, True.
You’re Worthy, LORD, not I.

Every man that seeks the LORD returns again.
The wicked seek pleasure from rotting wells.
The well of Truth gives joy and life.
From this well I desire to receive.

Do with Your servant what only You can.
Drive me to knowledge of infinite grace.
Teach me to love as Calvary displayed,
And wield the Truth from out of the sheath.

- William Peters
(The first letter of each stanza from top to bottom spells I AM REDEEMED. The Last letter of each stanza from bottom to top spells HE IS PRAISED)



This poem utilizes various forms of Hebrew poetry. Comparison and contrast, as well as various types of parallelism.

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