The power of she

There she stands alone

Ignored by the ones she once held dearest to her heart

You see her gentle eyes

The features on her face

You would never guess what she keeps hidden

It appears shes in a on going battle that may take her life

She cries out her sorrows before she sleeps

The knife she holds is no stranger

She dosen't even know why she puts herself in danger

Locked up in side

There is no key

No hope for her breaking free

The demon that has consumed her heart

Her soul

She waits for someone to hear her crys of help

All she dose is curl in herself

Wasting away

The choice is still hers

To live or die

The choice of suicide runs through her head

But all she can do is lay in her bed

Sleeping the pain away

When she walks outside

She will end up smiling

Keeping her true self locked

Showing the face everyone has known

This isn't over yet

For I am she

She is me

I'm not over my life quite yet

Even though I'm filled with so many emotions

I will fight

Then make it though my battle alive

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Amazingly powerful i love your vibrant words and intricately made stanzas keep writing your true emeotions

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