I am shy, yet motivated,

I wonder how Olympians become so accomplished at what they do,

I hear the thud of an arrow in the distance,

I see a gold medal flash before my eyes,

I aspire to be in the Olympics,

I am shy and still motivated.


I imagine I am on Broadway,

I feel thrilled when I perform in front of large crowds,

I gaze at my reflection in the mirror,

And worry that I will make a mistake during my next performance,

I weep when I sing a gloomy song,

I am shy and continuing to try.


I understand how to be creative,

I say I can do anything

I dream I am a famous publisher, known by everyone in the world,

I attempt to write my own books,

And trust that someday I will be successful,

I am shy and WILL be great.



The candle of this night is soon to fade,

To leave the earth in darkness as before.

Heaven’s light no longer will cascade;

The voice of angels will be heard no more.

Thine soul is as a candle in the night,

Whose wick doth glow with passion bright as day.

Thine eyes, so blue, do glow with heaven’s light

And thy voice makes lonely angels sway.

The candle of thy soul shall never die.

Neither shall the wick it burns upon.

Thine sweet voice eternally will sigh

As graceful as a midnight swan.

And when this newborn love takes flight,
So will the candle of thine soul ignite.


She stared at the chipped headstone,
Her eyes all aglow with the dark shadows
Of the love that never was.
Tears streaked her face.
It was never meant to be;
It was never meant to be;
The words echoed through her head like the autumnal wind.
The leaves left the trees;
Winter came;
And all was silent.

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