Possitive Energy Conquers All

People all around 

of all race,  of all religion,  of all beliefs 

With comments of which we ourselves cannot control 

But we do have the power to control ourselves

our comments 

the words that can make or break the ones around us. 

Why not be different ? Who said being different is a bad thing ?

Its the one thing that makes you, you and thats something powerful and undescribable.

No matter what your past was like or what may have happened yesterday does not define you. 

It only makes you wiser and stronger with each day ahead. 

 Don't  hold your head down

 yesterday was yesterday and today is today, why not make today great 

Why not use your knowlege from yesterday to make today a better day.

Negitive energy just brings stress, anger, hurt , and depression

So why not have possitive energy  which will bring you  possitive thoughts, mood, and outcome of your day. 



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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