A year ago me

Waited fruitlessly for the fingertips of love

To trace poems on her back.


365 day ago me

Was shocked to the core

When shadows in people overpowered the starlight

And cast disappointment into her heart.


The me alive one cycles around the sun ago

Thought salt tears meant weakness

And fake joy meant strength.


12 month ago me

Swore up and down the world

Was black and white.


This year,

I embrace my solitude

In a graceful stumble through the

Cliff Notes of my thoughts.



I approach disappointment with the understanding

That people struggle

In their own ways and it is not my place

To judge.


This calendar,

I acknowledge the wisdom in true sadness

And the power in real happiness

And the place and time and need

For both.


Moving forward,

The world will cease to seem black and white.

The full range of colors conspire

To form my life and future into a rainbow of dimensions

Filled to the brink with possibilities.


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