The Portuguese sausage

The ugly duckling named vitor wanted to shoot up his ducling school because he had 

no friends and he hacked peoples computers to make them shut down so he wanted to \

shut down everyone in his school so he got the help of the duckling that hunts

Ryan camera he specialized in hunting he even hunted his own kind. so vitor came to

him and asked him for his help ryan then accepted cause hes crazy. The next day they we

went to the school all loaded up with gun gernades and portugeusse sausages vitor 

reacted quick and pulled out his sausage and threw it at edward his worst enemy. 

edward then blew up vittor so ryan want to avenge him and he pulled out and RPG-7

and shoots it at edward, edward then intimatdated the rocket into stoping turning

around and killing ryan.



copyright 2016 edward indusitries 


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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