Porch Light


United States
35° 47' 0.1248" N, 89° 30' 43.2288" W

I stare out the window.
Vacant faces pass me by while I
examine each one with great effort.
Bright green eyes and 6 feet high-
Every similar feature brings a hopeful thought.
Expecting. . . but accepting the empty truth.
Nevertheless, I won’t give up hope.
Soon you’ll be back and I’ll be doing well.
Life won’t be about the façade and the alibi. . .
Eyes bright green? No, but I’m still looking.
Every face could be yours and I hope as much.
Perhaps it will end tonight.
I’ll search a few more; maybe the face I’ll find is yours.
Now I hope you know that if you decide to
go home – I’ve left the light on.

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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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