A Poor Tribute

Sat, 05/26/2018 - 14:35 -- Es

I danced surrounded by falling stars
It covered up my soul
I longed to hear the songs of old Lady Midnight
"Oh you've won me, you've won me"
In the soft morning sky when the
Darkness is not there to take her or leave her
But just the wind remains for

This song's grown old and biter

I've been watching through this window long enough
To see your lady go to the moon
I wish I hadn't but it's all I can do
To get used to this empty room

Ah they'll never ever ever ever ever reach the moon

I remember them on that one day
The autumn beating my lungs
Your strings touched everything

I got something in my eye: the light of your golden string
(My body has grown numb)
It lights a fire burning for a love that never came

You want the darkness? We kill the flame


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