To Ponder


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I thought there was nothing left in the world
When she said no I lost my hope in life
When they teased me I lost my self-esteem
When my folks fought I felt alone in hell
When this happened I looked for an escape

The prospect was too tempting to resist
I thought she would regret telling me no
I thought they would feel bad for what they did
I thought I would escape from hell right there
I pondered life after my death for days

But when I went further into my thoughts
I saw something that blew me off my feet
I thought about the bully's next victims
I thought about my parents in their grief
I thought about my little brother Scott
I even thought about her next boyfriend
My glory would die with me as time passed

Then I chose to live one more day and night
I thought about life's possibilities
I know I'm smart, I can go to college
I can take control and shape destiny
As long as I live there is one more chance

There is far more to do in life than death
To die is to touch, to live is to move

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